The Sierra Club's Annual One Day Hike
–  Since 1974  –

Washington, DC to Harper's Ferry, WV
–  50K • 100K  –

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Hike Day

Hike Day: Checking In & Out at Support Stations

You must check in and out at each support station that requires it; if you drop out at that station, you will only check in. Please cooperate with each checker.

Make sure your bib # is clearly visible on your front to the checkers as you approach or leave a station, and wait for acknowledgement that your number and time have been recorded. These checks are critical since they are how we account for all hikers, and keep track of their progress.

Note that 50K hikers do not need to check in or out when they return to Whites Ferry after a 2.26 mi backtrack, whereas the 100K hikers will be doing so. Please do not distract the volunteers who are checking the 100K hikers in and out.