The Sierra Club's Annual One Day Hike
–  Since 1974  –

Washington, DC to Harper's Ferry, WV
–  50K • 100K  –

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Hike Day

Hike Day: In Case of a Problem

In case of emergency, call 911, then call the First Aid Director at (703) 624-2543. If it's NOT an emergency and you are having a problem making it to a support station, we will send a bike patroller out to help you. Call one of the hike’s main contact numbers. You may also call the manager of the next or closest station.

Contact numbers will be emailed to hikers prior to the hike, and will be on the handout available at the start of both the 50K and 100K hikes.

If you leave a voice mail
Please make sure to speak clearly while including yourname, bib number, phone number, the nearest canal mile marker (see Hike Route), a brief description of your situation and its urgency.

While your phone may have reception, the phone of the recipient may not, so you may need to try multiple numbers. Wait patiently; we will call you back or send a biker to meet you. If you cannot get a call out, you may also try sending a TXT message.

Please note: 
The One Day Hike only keeps your Participant Health Form on file for the duration of the hike, and will shred them right after the event. The information in this mandatory form will ONLY be used in the case of a medical emergency, and the information therein will only be given to those providing treatment at the One Day Hike or in the event of transport, to the definitive care facility (hospital).