The Sierra Club's Annual One Day Hike
–  Since 1974  –

Washington, DC to Harper's Ferry, WV
–  50K • 100K  –

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Hike Day

Hike Day: The Hike Route

For almost the entire hike (62 miles for the 100K and 31 miles for the 50K), you will be going upstream on the C&O Canal’s towpath, within the C&O Canal National Historical Park.

All along the towpath, there are mile markers (short, brown posts on your left, or the river side) at each mile. Please be aware of these markers since they are very important if you need to communicate your location.

For the 100K, these mile markers correspond to distance into the hike. Please note that if you are walking slowly, it takes roughly 20 minutes to walk from one marker to the next; 10-15 minutes, if you are walking fast. This gives you a rough idea of your pace (3 or 4 mph, respectively), and allows you to estimate your time to the next station.

At canal mile 60.6, there is a railroad bridge with an adjacent footbridge that crosses the Potomac River to Harpers Ferry, WV. A spiral metal staircase on your left leads up to the footbridge. A volunteer should be there to direct you.

After crossing the bridge, you will make your way (mostly uphill) through Harpers Ferry’s High Street (which becomes Washington Street) to the endpoint at the Bolivar Community Center on Panama Street.

A map of this final leg is available here, and will be available as a handout at the Brunswick support station upon request.