The Sierra Club's Annual One Day Hike
–  Since 1974  –

Washington, DC to Harper's Ferry, WV
–  50K • 100K  –

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Training Hike Schedule

In order to be ready for both the 50K and 100K hikes, we recommend trying to complete at least one training hike per week, using the four-month Training Hike Schedule as a guide. 

These group hikes, which gradually increase in distance, are designed to help you get your body and mind ready to do the 100K or 50K. If you can't participate in the planned hikes in the Washington area, use the schedule to devise your own. 

The majority of your training hikes should be on level, packed-dirt surfaces similar to that of the C&O Canal towpath. One Day Hike veterans stress that regular long walks are the best way to train. They also know that it’s essential to put lots of training-hike miles on their feet to help guard against blisters on hike day.

Start your training regimen by doing a comfortable distance and then increase it each week.  Also aim at increasing your pace and being able to sustain a good pace for a long time.  If you plan to do the 100K, try to do a 35-mile hike at least once. If you plan to do the 50K, try to do a 25-mile hike at least once. 

Doing these longer distances will help you identify and resolve problems (blisters, etc.) before hike day.  Many veterans help condition themselves by also engaging in other forms of exercise between training hikes. Options include running, gym workouts, biking, rowing, and organized sports. We recommend that you avoid strenuous hiking on consecutive days.


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